···· Name: Grumoll
Activity: Director & Actor & Company communication & Graphic image

  ···· Name: Nitro
Activity: Actor & Graphic image & Sound

  ···· Name: Marttini
Activity: Actor & Scenography & Driver

  ···· Name: Rodaments
Activity: Actor & Graphic image & Illustration

  ···· Name: Sibela
Activity: Actress & Finantial coordiator

  ···· Name: Marinnetta
Activity: Actress & Acting strategy coordinator & Driver

  ···· Name: Jetrhosharp
Activity: Actor & Acting director

  ···· Name: Marta
Activity: Actress & Sound control

  ···· Name: Matozas
Activity: Photographer & Video Reporter

  ···· Name: Angie le pervertit
Activity: Animator


Our actors changes considerably from one play to another. Our company has got some fix members, but the rest appear sporadicly. Due to this, the company is also formed by a dozen sporadic members who also form part of The 21 Yellow Anorexical Elephants.