Within the framework of the International Festival of Street Theatre hold in the Czech city of Brno, the 21 Yellow Anorexic Elephants performed in the centre of the city and offered this latest performance of the company to many people who came to enjoy it: The Circle ("kruh" in Czech). This represents the beggining of the performances of our theatre company around Europe.

What is really “trash theatre”? Did there ever existed something like that?

“The Circle” is an extreme exageration of society behaviour: the insustaintable environment situation reaches a moment of chaos when the world explodes and everybody runs, searching for a place to shelter.

Somebody -a hippy silly girl- finds a safe place protected by a circle and calls the rest of the people to come there with her.


The convivence of all those extremely characteristic persons representing different faces of society leads to an absurd and non-sense situation: the circle gets smaller and smaller and this forces them to throw people out of the circle.

To make it even more silly and crazzy, the performance is introduced by an elegant cavaret man who thinks he can seduct the audience with his horrible bad singing and stupid movements; a disco melody of “the circle” which often appears to make the characters dance all of a sudden; and a surprising ending which makes us wonder: “oh, my god, what the hell is this?”

Attractive absurdity.



Satire of male chauvinisme of this our society and the absurdity of some feminist movements. The play starts with some pink characters and objects, which are suddenly attacked with violence by other dark brown men
with a strong bad smell.


Villewater, a cool village whose residents have, as a hobbie, swimming, drinking water and taking some showers, gets suddenly dry because of the climate change, and all their residents are forced to prostitute themselves to the neighbour village: Villefire-on-the-Curious-Mountain.


All members of a music jazz band loose one leg and one ear when they get suddenly attacked by a group of old ladies skin heads which confess they are addicted to the smell of
Berguedan tamarindos.

But everything gets worse when each member tries to find a cure to their recent loss of legs and ears...

"You shall be the mass
which makes the bread grow,
you shall be the sickle and the harvest,
you shall be the faith
and the hidden medal,
you shall be the love and the ferocity."