31 AGO

Within the framework of the International Festival of Street Theatre hold in the Czech city of Brno, the 21 Yellow Anorexic Elephants performed in the centre of the city and offered this latest performance of the company to many people who came to enjoy it: The Circle ("kruh" in Czech). This represents the beggining of the performances of our theatre company around Europe.
Absurdity. What is really "trash theatre"? Did there ever exist something like this?

“The Circle ” is an extreme exageration of society's behaviour: the unsustaintable situation of environment reaches a state of chaos when world explodes and everybody runs, searching for a place to shelter.

Special Report about this performance on Plays.

10th JULY

Their welcome was amazing. Many people did already know about our performance in Vilafranca del Penedès, but many other came to us surprised by our performance and our radically feminine dressings ........

which kept making the audience smile. This play is a satire of male chauvinism of society and the absurdity of some feminist movements, using those tools that The Anorexic Elephants know well: surrealism, our cubist-collage dressings and gaudy scenography of which our performances are full.

For further information, please check our web space for "plays".

28th JUNE

One more performance of this key play from the professional carreer of The 21 Anorexic Yellow Elephants, this time in the centre of Reus and among a very nice Tarragonan audience, so open to our plays.

The play was the same, but we versioned it lightly, with new dressing and scenography which belong to the new artistic period which our company is facing.

We can't forget that among the audience there were also Mariona Guàrdia and Bet Garrinet, who applauded with insistence after that implacable performance.

03rd JUNE

For the third time, our company played The Band, a play which one can't forget, this time in Gandia (La Safor). Among that warm Valencian audience, the 21 Elephants represented the story of a music band which finally turns into a labyrinth of squizofrenic personalities.

It is quite possible that this play is repeated again during the next year 2006 in any place of Maresme or Vallès.